1.6.5 Copyutil Win10 UAC

I’m trying to evaluate ZT. I upgraded a machine from Win7 in order to do this and run a supported version.

So, I have installed ZT 1.6.5 on Win 10 21H1.

When I start ZT I get a UAC dialog about copyutil. If I select Yes to allow then it seems the tray icon starts but the UAC dialog appears again. I can keep selecting Yes and the dialog keeps appearing, or select No and the dialog disappears. The user account doing this has admin rights and isn’t intentionally “locked down” in any way.

Although I can get the tray icon, and the UAC to disappear after the second pop, I don’t know if the software is actually running correctly.

If I “Run as administrator” the ZT start menu item, I get an endless loop of command prompt windows trying to run copyutil. This latter behavior mimics what I saw running 1.4.x on Win 7, so it seems there is still some bug that has not been fixed??

Is there anything else I can try to get this running, or is ZT just not ready for prime time?

The copyutil is to copy the authentication token over from ProgramData to the local user profile. It should only come up once.

I currently have it running on 125 machines, using versions ranging from 1.2.4 up to 1.6.5 and haven’t ever seen the behavior you describe. If the tray icon is there and the UAC box goes away after clicking close, then it should be running fine. Simple way to tell - do you have network communication over it?!

Given that you’re having the problem on multiple machines, may I suggest you perform a clean install of Windows 10 using an ISO downloaded from the Microsoft website to completely rule out anything that is installed on your computers.

Also, get rid of your Win 7 machines - that sh1ts not been supported since 2015.

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