Add users to your Organization

Hi Community,
How can I add a user giving him only permission inside an existing network?

From the knowledge base, it seems that it is possible to add a user.

But on the account page, I can’t find this option.
There is only the possibility to add another Admin with the permission to create even networks.


You’ll have to add additional administrator seats for your account before you can invite others to be admins. If you scroll up, you can update your subscription and add additional admins for $10/month

Dear zt-grant,
thanks for your reply.

I know I have to buy another seat, but my doubt is about the permission this new user will have.

As I said in the documentation, there is an image that shows the possibility of adding a new user, not a new admin.

I want to add a new user with only permission inside a dedicated network.

Org members you add will only have access to neworks they create (the org owner will have access as well), or to the networks you specifically give them access to.

Perfect zt-grant, many thanks for this information.

I added the new member and he has the capability to create new networks and also to manage other admin settings. so at the end is not possible to add a new member with no admin privilege.

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