At least one of my nodes is no longer showing up

And I haven’t deleted it. It appears to have vanished at precisely midnight last night. I can’t recreate it, since it is remote and I can’t get there until spring.

Perhaps check your filters at the top of the member list. Members aren’t physically removed from the database. Just flagged as deleted from the network. You have no such members in the database.

Good idea. Unfortunately, playing with the filters still doesn’t show the missing member.

It’s not in the database marked deleted. There’s no process to remove members from the database. Just flag as deleted via API call. Said API call would also show up in our internal logging, and it’s not there either. From the information & logging I have in the back end, the 9 members on the network are all that have ever existed.

Thanks! My bad. The VPN dns name is different from the host name. Now, if I could only force a reboot on the remote member…

You should still be able to access it via the Managed IP listed for it in the member list

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