Backup configuration of a ztncui server?

The change regarding free nodes brought back the ztncui (could you create a better name for that?) questions I had when trying it for the first time.
I run a controller on a Debian-VM on a proxmox machine and take nightly snapshots. But I would like to export/safe the configuration of the controller, so that I could re-create it on a different machine to bringt back the users, networks and nodes I have in case of a severe problem with this machine. Is it enough to copy “/var/lib/zerotier-one/*”? And how to run a second one as a failback/failover/standby/slave server if the primary one fails. Suggestions?

We didn’t create ztncui, so we don’t have any input for you on that.

Hmm… Are there any plans for a server/controller-like version? The little hardware controller/thin client thingy (“edge”?) also vanished from the website some time ago.

We discontinued the edge.

Every instance of ZeroTier (except those on mobile OSes) can be a network controller already. You communicate with it via a REST API:

We do not ship a web interface for it, though.

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