Cannot Initiate Connection (REQUESTING_CONFIGURATION) and Involuntary Disconnect


I recently discovered ZeroTier and it seems like it’s something very promising: easy setup and clean/responsive interface! In my testing however, I frequently end up with some kind of a deadlock it seems.

My setup:

  • One Windows 10 system I use to for remote desktop usage, running 1.8.4
  • One Macbook (M1 - Monterey - 12.1) connecting to the Windows machine. Running various versions (1.8.4, 1.6.6, 1.6.2, 1.4.4)

The problem:
On first startup, I can connect to the Windows machine very easily. After several minutes of running, the connection drops (RD says it’s trying to reconnect to the session). It won’t restore.
Manually disconnecting from the network and trying again will get ZeroTier stuck on the ‘REQUESTING_CONFIGURATION’ status with no way to get it past that it seems. Closing every ZeroTier-related app running I can find, and starting back up does not make it past this status.
The only way I can get it to work for a few minutes again is by re-installing a different version each time after which it will lock up again.

Is there a known solution to get this going again in a more easy way that re-installing? Perhaps deleting a file? Can I provide a log file for debug information? Glad to help in any way I can.

EDIT: I found this thread on Github and read that many use LuLu. This is something I also use. I will test with LuLu disabled for now.

Kind regards and thanks in advance!

Yes, Lulu appears to start blocking all ZeroTier traffic after some time. We’ve also had reports of Little Snitch crashing machines when ZeroTier is running. Both of these issues started upon the release of macOS 12.1 so we suspect there may be issues in the Network Extension framework with Packet Filters in macOS 12.1.

Thanks for the reply. It indeed seems that disabling LuLu fixes the issue. I only recently started using ZeroTier and on 12.1, so I have not previous reference point on when it did supposed to work. But I have no doubt something like that can be the cause of some trouble. :slight_smile:

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