Cannot see connected PCs

Hi colleagues, I am using ZT on three Win10 64-bit PCs (P1, P2, P3) and synchronizing certain directories using SyncThing. When I check each network folder, P1 shows (P1, P2, not P3), P2 shows (P2, P1, not P3), P3 show none of the other both. But the synchronization between P3 and P1, P2 works fine. What could be the reason?
If I right click on ‘Show networks’ on the ZT icon in the taskbar, PC1 & PC2 opens a small window showing the name of the network and different informations; P3 opens only an empty window?
Can anybody help?

Hmm, haven’t heard of that tool yet but it seems cool.

Does zerotier-cli listnetworks on PC3 show that you are successfully joined to the network?

If not, try: zerotier-cli join <nwid>

Also can we get:

  • Exact versions of each of the Win10 machines? I wonder if some particular update has broken the GUI.
  • Versions of ZT in use on each machine

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