Can't connect to PLANET

Hi, I struggled with zerotier on my kubuntu18 machine in company since 2021.

My zerotier network is OK before 2021. After one day, it can’t connect to zerotier network and seems strange. When listpeers, the PLANET show disconnection: 200 listpeers 62f865ae71 - -1 - PLANET.

I tried to reinstall zerotier (v1.4.6 or v1.6.2, also delete /var/lib/zerotier), it show the PLANET is normal at the beginning. But after a while, it also disconnent to all PLANET. I also try to use zerotier in docker, it works for some days but now it also can’t work.

I have try to install zerotier in another ubuntu machine in my company network. It performs well.

My temporary solution is to use the intranet machine as moon so that it can connect to other machines.

Please help

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