Debian Buster 10 connectivity issues

I have already installed and configured the Zerotier in the device that is running Debian Buster, but I am having some problems and not able to understand why.

Distributor ID: Debian
Description: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
Release: 10
Codename: buster

  1. In the GUI (website) I can see that the device is online.

  2. The problem is that at the actual device if I check the status of the zerotier service it is marked as offline, but it has the actual configuration and IP addresses.

  3. If from the GUI (webpage) I unauthorize the machine and re-authorize it again, it actually response the actions: UNAUTORIZED – ONLINE – AUTORIZED OK but a few seconds later it goes back to Offline.
    During the online time and authorized I am able to ping, and access the resources in the network, such as other computers.

And finally, at the GUI it switches from showing the Physical IP address to UNKOWN (In a cycle) but always with Online

All other devices (running windows, mac and ubuntu) are running without issues. any ideas?

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