Different offices, same LAN IP, various ZEROTIER gateway


Suppose I have ZEROTIER installed on various clients which they got each his own IP 10.144..
Each client is one of of computer belong to an office lan which I want to access.
One office is in city A, another is in city B, and so on…
Each LAN has same subnet: let’s say

See here below the routes…

I can’t’ setup like this as above otherwise when I want to access, for example, the ROUTER webpage ( I will access only the 1st one on the list.

I believe the only solution is to activate the MANAGED ROUTES only when I need and only for that particular LAN I need to access…
But is there a “by pass” way to have it ALWAYS setup for all the office ?
Of course, I can’t change the subnet LAN IP…


This isn’t a zerotier issue. This just plain doesn’t work with TCP/IP. You’ll at the very least need every LAN to have a different address space, or have all machines on connected to ZeroTier and use the ZeroTier assigned IP address.

Thanks for your time answering my post.

As I can’t change the IP of each Lan (each office), I have no choice but “activate” the “managed routes” for that particular subnet only when I will need it.

Thanks once again

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