Error installing ZeroTier 1.8.1


Today I tried to install the new version of ZeroTier and I got the next error:

The File ‘zerotier_desktop_ui.exe’ is not marked for installation.

I’m using Windows 10 21H1

I can do something?

Thanks and regards.


Do you have an older version installed? I had issues upgrading, I had to remove, reboot and install again.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for reply, but it not worked for me.

Also I tried removing the ZeroTier folder located in ProgramData directory and I continue getting the same error.


Not sure if this will help but I had to stop the zerotier service (located in services.msc) for installation to work correctly.

Im having the same issue. Its something with msi files in particular since i installed chrome.exe with no problems.

I uninstalled completely ZeroTier and today I tried the new version (1.8.3) and I have the same issue.


1.8.4 coming soon with Windows 32bit support.

Solved with 1.8.4.


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