Forward to IP based Webcam“?

Happy New Year
I have two destinations with 2 Raspberry’s. They are connected via ZeroTier (192.168.192.x)
On destination B. I have a IP based WebCam.
In my humble imagination I can take a browser from elsewhere in the world an surf to 192.168.192.x:1920 (any port) and can have access to my webcam. I guess IT guys call that ´Port forwarding´ ?

So question one: Is the described scenario possible to be realized in that way… or similar?
question two: how can I achieve that?
Many thanks in advance

Hi Karl.
You certainly can do what you’re after.
Let’s say you have RBpi-1 with you and RBPi-2 with your IP based cam.
You need to enable IP forwarding on your RBPi-1 so you can access your cam from RBPi-2.
I’m assuming that you’re using RBPi-2 as your router from a remote location.
Follow this link to enable IP forwarding:

puh… listens a bit complicated but probably I can manage this.
The IP “” mentioned in that example is???
An Zerotier-IP??? from the Raspberry??
The shell variable are defined within the IPTABLES?
And within the rules in iptables I exactly use the variables (not the IP adresses) defined above?
And the last sentence: " * Try to access something on the physical LAN"
How is the right syntax to access an e.g. Web-Cam names from outside when my “gateway” is the RBpi called

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