How to get in touch with ZeroTier regarding a billing issue

We recently purchased a professional subscription, but unfortunately there was a typo in our billing email in Stripe, so we did not receive an invoice. The typo has been fixed by now and I tried contacting ZeroTier about this through their Contact form on their website 11 days ago, however I have not received a reply. I can’t find any other means of contacting them, and we really need that invoice. Is there any other way I can get in touch with them or can someone from ZeroTier please get back to me about this? Thanks

sorry about that. I don’t see anything in the ticket system with the same domain as your account here. Did you get an auto response with a ticket number? If so let me know the ticket number.
If you go into where you can change your stripe info, you can download invoices from there.

For any other ZT subscribers with billing questions, here’s a quick reference on how you can get help.

  • Our billing system is designed to be self-serve, and you can access it by visiting ZeroTier Central ( and clicking on the “Manage Billing” button on the account page to access your account’s billing and subscription details. Our self-serve billing portal will allow you to perform tasks such as changing email addresses and requesting copies of your ZeroTier subscription invoice.

  • In addition, ZT subscribers with Professional or higher-level subscription plans have access to our support ticketing system. To access it, simply log into ZeroTier Central ( and click on the yellow “?” button on the lower right-hand side of your screen.

Because of the high volume of inquiries, the website contact form is only for pre-sales and sales questions at this time.

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