I have a network set up from years ago and it still works but I can not reach to the Network Control Center web UI

I have set up a network many years ago and it worked really well but last week I realized I can not open the web ui that allows to manage the connections even though the network is still up. I was and am planning to use it to play games with my friends like a LAN connection but now I can not add new connections because I set it up as a private network and it waits for my approval from the manage networks page which I can not reach to.

What should I do? I know I can basically create a new network but I am just curious if I can salvage the old one as it was working perfectly fine for me before.

Thank you

Oh and I forgot to add, this is not a wrong entered address trying to reach to a non-existing or non-owned network because if I try to do that (to test it) it directly shows me that error page where it says this network either does not exist or not yours whereas when I write the correct network number in the address bar that loading circle comes up and just circles and circles and circles forever. (I feel like it knows it exists but then it does not show it to me)

Thank you

Shot you a direct message with a request for some information.

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