In process: Portable multi-site VPN using ZT project

I have been working on a portable multi-site NAT-traversing VPN solution using ZT along with openWRT and OPNsense since 2018. My use case is connecting P2P audio, video, and communications equipment across the globe without having to co-ordinate public IP’s or port forwarding since IT staff that I deal with at various venues can be incompetent or lazy. In addition many venues charge astronomical fees for services beyond a standard internet drop and sometimes aren’t able to deliver services well. Lastly, I sometimes am utilizing an internet connection from sources like LTE that don’t have static public IP’s available either. This ability with ZT allows me to deliver cutting edge service to my clients at an affordable price with only a standard internet drop.

I am still in the testing phase with this project, though I have used it on smaller productions even though I have had some stability issues. Once I have most of the bugs worked out I plan on making a vid or short series on how I accomplished this so others can do likewise since I have not found a straightforward guide by anyone to date for any routing platform.


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