In theory, can zerotier be weakly centralized?

As we all know, without setting up a moon node, if a direct connection cannot be established, all traffic is transferred through the planet node, which will increase the burden on the planet node, and cause network delays and even occasional network interruptions;

To give a simple example: now there is a node A, node B, and node C. They are all added to the same zerotier network. Due to network reasons, there is no direct connection between node A and node B/C. At present, In this case, all traffic between node A and node C needs to be transferred through the planet node, even if node A and node B, as well as node B and node C, have high-speed Internet connections.

I recently studied “ZigBee Networking Principles”. Although this and zerotier networking are two areas of things, the idea of “nodes forwarding data from other nodes” among them, I think it might be possible to think that zerotier will bring some inspiration

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