Is possible join 2, 3, 4, nodes

hello I have a question, is it possible to create different network id (2,3, 4 …) and that they can connect to 1?

For example:

network id 123455 (it is the server network)

network id 348909 (company clients 1)

network id 234902 (company clients 2)

Would it be possible for company 1 (348909) and company 2 (234902) to have access to network servers (123455) without having access to each other, that is, separately?


While technically possible, you’d need to set up machines as routers between the networks.

It’s likely better to use tags in the rules engine to enforce client isolation. See here for an example.

Direct from web interface from zerotier not is possible ?

No, you cannot route between networks from the web UI.

The only way to do that would be to join a machine acting as a router to both the Servers network as well as the client network to route between the two address spaces.

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