Issues with 1.8.7 on Linux CENTOS

I have installed Zerotier-one on 2 different linux machines , I have noticed that both did not show up on my central account after joining for few minutes … so I have decided to add them manually from my central account to be shown … now they are still showing UNKNOWN so far (almost an hour) … what would be the issue ?

Sounds like something is blocking ZT’s outbound traffic. Check your firewall?

Thank you very much , It was Firewall indeed
Upon connection, I have tried to ping between 2 connected ZeroTier clients , the RTT ping average is 250 ms … I am not sure is this normal ? the less the better and I am considering to use ZeroTier in VoIP enviroment and I assume with such latency, I’m afraid that I would encounter voice quiality issues

Do you think, if I added a self hosted ZT server in my country , would that help ? Thank you alot in advance

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No, that sounds like something is still preventing UDP traffic (which ZT requires) and since that is blocked it is preventing a DIRECT connection.

Check your connections to peers with:

zerotier-cli peers

It should say DIRECT and not RELAY.

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