Link Databases on Multiple Sites?

Hi Folks,

I looked at ZeroTier some time back and then got busy with other work.

I have a goal of combining data both from separate input files (CSV, etc.) generated at different locations, but also connecting several databases, all physically in separate physical locations as well. And, synchronizing the data sets.

The idea was that I could either load the data locally, create the data and use some sort of file transfer to a location that could load the data, both or ?

I know I can punch a hole in a firewall to connect the databases, but I was also curious to know whether or not I could ‘map’ a remote drive or URI inside of ZeroTier? Would I be asking ZeroTier to work outside of its design?



ZeroTier handles the networking. Your devices will be on the same LAN. All of the other stuff is up to your operating systems, database servers, and so on

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Thanks! I thought that would be the case. Appreciate your response. Now, the fun part where I test stuff. :smile:

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