Mac OSX Mojave ZeroTier Wiped Network Control Panel


I have a late 2013 macbook pro running Mojave 10.14.6. After installing and using zerotier all of a sudden ALL my network interfaces in Mojave have vanished. I cannot connect to any internet, wifi, etc. It will not let me add the device. The network panel in the system preferences is also blank and will not allow any new additions. It is literally empty.

I have tried SMC reset, nvram reset, rebooting, first aid, disk check, nada. There is no hardware problem since I can boot into Bootcamp and another mac os externally.


What version of ZeroTier did you install?

I don’t think your issue has anything to do with ZeroTier, unfortunately. We do not interact with the Network control panel settings at all. And on High Sierra and above, we don’t even use a kext anymore.

Also, this is the first we’ve ever heard of such an issue.

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