Member keeps deauthorizing

Hello all, new ZeroTier user here. I have successfully created a network with two members and it has been working well for a few days without issue.

Today I created a second network with two new members. One of the members keeps deauthorizing (The checkbox in the “Auth?” column will become unchecked). When this happens, I am unable to reach the member. I can recheck the box and then it comes back online within 30 seconds or so, only to have the box unchecked again a few minutes later. Both members in the network are Windows 10 Enterprise.

I’m not sure where to look to troubleshoot this.

It’s possible for this to happen while a controller restarts, which just happened not too long ago. You probably just happened to be setting this during a maintenance period. If you try again it should stay.

Thank you! I can see that it is stable now and isn’t deauthorizing.

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