More basic question aobut V6 6PLANE vs. just assigning an address

This may seem off topic, but I don’t know if there’s other magic in 6plane…
I have two options I can choose from on a private ZT net for V6:

  • Create a routed /80 via 6PLANE
  • Just create my own address space (ex: 2002:…)

Ignoring the obvious use of 2002 as opposed ot FDxx (we’re using a lot of FDxx and this will never touch the Internet), do they amount to the same thing i.e. can I:

  • Just use the self-assigned range telling nodes that they have a /80 at …::
  • Or is there some sort of internal magic that ZT uses for routing so I must use fdxx:: to make it work.

Other than asthetics, is there one reason to use one over the other. A self-assigned block (No slack), lets me have far more itnernal networks, and I can assign someone a /80, but if some other magic is going on to do routing of /80s, then routable /80s on FDxx: it is.

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