Multipath - How to make it work?


I’m having a lot of trouble making multipath work with a seemingly really simple setup.

Hardware used :

  • Ubiquiti EdgeRouter (both sides)
  • OPNSense Appliance (both sides)

My setup consist of 2 sites each with Fiber and 4G LTE for which I want to create a active/active site-to-site Zerotier link with multipath.

I followed Zerotier documentation here and here but none ever worked.

Status always shows isbonded:“null” and only one path to each site.

Are there any prerequisites I didn’t look at I need to apply to my configuration ?
The only thing I noted is that you need 2 WAN on each site.

Does the “relay” or “direct” type of link to peers has something to do with the establishement of a “multipath” link ?

Thank you for your time, hope to have some answers from people who succesfully made multipath work :slight_smile:

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