Multiple Addresses Cause Need for Multiple Re-Authorizations

I merely acquired ZT last week for my Blue Iris (camera) app to see my cams outside the home (couldn’t figure out port forwarding). I’m only connecting it to my Windows PC desktop and my Iphone 11 and at my initial setup, there were only the 2 addresses I had to authorize (PC and Iphone).

Several times now, I have been unable to login/see my cams in Blue Iris – this is because I haven’t been connected to the ZT network. I notice I CAN fix this by noting the 10-digit code at the bottom of the ZT Iphone app, then going into my ZT home page, finding that code and authorizing it.

Two questions:

(1) Why does this seemingly keep giving me new addresses I have to authorize instead of keeping it stable at one? It’s getting to be a pain to do this every 2 days or so.

(2) For the ones previously authorized (I now have a total of 7), should I simply delete them or would this be a problem later?

[BTW, I watched a simple step-by-step video re ZT and Blue Iris, otherwise I have little idea how or why this thing works; so be gentle, haha.]


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