Network controller does not seem to find nodes on the same local network

For a long time now I’ve been having connectivity issues between my self hosted network controller and the peers on the same network. This controller is hosted on a qemu vm running ubuntu server with a network adapter bridged to the local network. Connectivity issues present with any node in the same local network, ironically. From what I know the way controllers and peers communicate with each other is via VL1, and that works the same no matter if the node is a peer or a controller, so it’s not evident to me why it cannot find the peers but the peers are able to find each other.

Previously I was hosting this controller on a docker container, using the macvlan driver to expose the controller to the local network, and experiencing the same problem. I thought maybe the macvlan driver was messing up something related to the discovery process so that’s why I decided to move the controller to a VM. As stated previously, this fixed nothing. Right now I’m out of options, I’d love if anyone could give me a hand with this matter, tell me where to poke to see if there’s anything I’m doing wrong.

Weird… I added the controller to a network hosted by zerotier where most of the same devices are members and now everything magically connects, except for the mobile clients where only one network can be active at a time. I would have thought that because the discovery is part of the VL1 layer, the nodes would be able to pathfind regardless of the controller being used. Am I missing something here?

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