Networking Noob. Need Help in setting up zerotier

Hello! This is my first time using zero tier, and so far it is looking really good. I thought of trying it out. So I have a NAS running linux on it. It has 2 shared folders on it. I can access those shared folders easily at home. I would like to be able to do the same on another computer, but outside of my home internet. So I installed zerotier on my NAS, and on my other computer. Now I create a network and made them both join. And turned on their auth. What am I supposed to do now? sorry if this is really newbie question. Just require some help. Thank you!

Hello Chiggy,
it should now work the same way it would work on your home/physical network. How do you usually access the shared folders? SMB?
You should be able do the same thing, but using the zerotier Managed IP addresses.

Hi! I just mapped a drive to (which is its static ip at home.) so I can just map it to like the node running on my NAS IP which shows up under “Managed IPs” ? for example (just an example ip)?

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