No allowDNS in android app?

Apologies if this has been asked before!
I’ve been using zerotier off and on for a while, and getting it setup with a DNS server also. However I’m a little stumped here. In the instructions it states ‘This must be enabled on each client with the allowDNS option. There is a checkbox in the UI in each network’s details, near the Allow Managed checkbox.’ but unless I’m being really blind and/or silly, I can’t find this in the app? (App version 1.6.5-1)

Can any helpful soul shed on light on this (and if i’m being silly do say, as i shouldn’t be doing tech stuff at midnight! :slight_smile: )

DNS is configured when you join a network. Unfortunately it’s not changeable on an existing network in the android app at this time. You can delete & re-add the network to get the settings for it.

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Ah awesome many thanks! I thought I was losing the plot there! :slight_smile:

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