nodeMCU boards in one location and HA on other

Hey, I’d like to ask if this is something that Zerotier can help with.

I have a Home Assistant on location 1, with nodeMCU boards (sensors) that communicate with HA (on pi4) over WIFI and feed data into it (every 10 seconds). I use HA to automate some actions based on this data. It’s all under this HUAWEI LTE router/ap, and I use LTE connectivity to access HA over WAN when I’m not at that location.

However, I need to move the HA server to another location but leave the sensors where they are, which means sensors will lose connectivity to the HA instance and will no longer be able to feed data into HA as they will not be under the same network anymore.

What I thought would solve this is Zerotier. If I move HA to location 2 and leave sensors on location 1, I could make a Zerotier network and connect HA to that VLAN. I also need to connect the LTE router on location 1 under the same network, so sensors and HA can “see” each other. However, I would need to install a client on that LTE router, which is not supported. It’s a cheap router I got from a service provider with an LTE sim card.

Is there any way to solve this without replacing the router with a supported one? I also have one Mikrotik router, but it’s not ARM32/64 either.

What to do, gentlemen?

Do the sensors need to broadcast their updates, do they need to be on the same subnet as the server?

You can set up a zerotier bridge or router at the sensor location. Bridging is a little more complex to set up. Either way, you need something running zerotier at both locations.

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