Not working with 1 of 3 pcs on windows 10

Context: Me and my friend got ZeroTier first just to use parsec as both our internet providers use NAT therefore disallowing port forwarding etc. This works fine because it’s on the first two computers. I then set up a minecraft server on another computer i have which also worked to begin with, I got two to work even but then it just kinda didn’t. After i had set up the second server i tried connecting to both to check if that worked and it did, but later when my friend wanted to connect it didn’t work for him and eventually it stopped working for me too, as in I can’t connect to the servers at all. I have no idea why. I tried setting a secondary port like the Coma bug thread advised, we’ve done this on all PCs but to no results. In short it works on my main pc and on his pc but not on my “Server” PC. Even though it used to. All 3 PCs show up as connected in the network as well. Sorry for messy writing and thanks in advance for any attempts at help :))

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