Nothing happens after "join new network"

Hi guys, just started using ZeroTier. But I find out that nothing happens to my network after I have entered my network ID, where it was supposed to pop up a dialog saying if I want to connect to the network.

Hope I have made my question clear enough, thank you for anyone who can help me.

Created account a couple of days ago. and created two networks
Installed ZT for W10 today 15th March 2023.
Several requests for permission to install (OK)
Appears as installed in Control Panel apps…
Service is running in “Services”

When I click on ZeroTier on W10 menu nothing appears to happen, certainly no GUI
Icon is on task bar so I right clicked and configured the 16 digit ID from the first network
Still noting appeared (like a GUI ! )
I have clicked on start GUI at logon and will try that, but atm just a little confused as to what should happen and the various posts (connected to forum with same credentials as ZT login where I created the two networks.

Just a little lost as to exactly what I should see, maybe I missed some instructions somewhere?
All I have is the three steps starting "Create a Zerotier account.
Of the various posts I found on W10 all had been closed after a month with no resolution/answer.
If posts can’t be left open this isn’t going to get anyone very far.


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