Online but somehow not online

Hi everyone!
I have 2 machines running in the same network… so nothing special. I use my Linux ubuntu to connect to my server remotely and suddenly out of nowhere I couldnt connect anymore.
When I run zerotier-cli status then I get…
200 info ZEROTIERID 1.6.2 ONLINE
but when I check at I see that my Linux Ubuntu is offline since 20 hours. Does anyone have an explanation for that… any help is appreciated. one thought of mine was that it could be because I dont use a fixed IP on my Linux machine

Same problem here, 13h, restarting zerotier-one doesn’t help. I’ll try going back to 1.4.6.

Update: did work, connected instantly.

 apt-get install zerotier-one=1.4.6
 echo "zerotier-one     hold" | dpkg --set-selection
 dpkg --get-selections | grep zerotier

There is a OPNsense firewall using zerotier version 1.4.6 “in front” of this client,
i.e. between this client and the internet router.
And, may be, double nat is involved. Could this be related?


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