Payment Issue for Indian Credit Cards

We are looking forward to purchase the 50 node license professional edition but from the payment option if we use a Indian credit card the payment goes to standing instruction. As per RBI guidelines this is not possible for Indian credit card. We would manually pay every month or are willing to pay for six months in advance. Please provide us a solution in this regard. The sales team is surprisingly unresponsive so had to post here. Thank you for any help.

Will ping someone for you

Hi Joy,

This is Steve and I head up sales at ZeroTier; my apologies for the complications. Did you receive my email 4 days ago and the follow up today? I want to check to see if I’m responding to the right address or if there is some error.

Hello Steve, Thank you for responding. The address is correct. We have already pushed forward with the purchase and had to request an external entity for credit card payment on our behalf for now. But a proper solution will be very much appreciated regarding the issue so that we may use our credit card for this.

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