Problem with LAN Gaming

HI,I have a problem playing with my friend. He uses Windows and when I create the game in LAN on my Manjaro/Linux, he can join in my game. But if he creates the game, the sever is not displayed.

Researching I discovered that the Zero Tier’s network interface metrics may have less priority.

But if I put in a console:
route -n
It gives me back:

So Zero Tier’s interface metrics have more priority as they have less metrics, but still does not work.
I tried changing the metric to 1,100,200 and -100 with:
sudo ifmetric ztyqbzg755 1
But none of them work.

Thanks for your help.

Which game, and does it use all interfaces in Windows when running in server mode?
Another aspect which is well worth checking, Zerotier links should mark themselves as Private networks, but Windows 10 gives a blue slideout window on the right asking if it should be private or public. If you happen to be typing, or click anywhere else, the window goes away, and the Zerotier link stays public.
Point being, if that has happened, he may need to adjust the firewall settings for the link, as public links have everything locked down.

The game is race 07. I am not really sure what do you mean with using all interfaces when running in server mode. I don’t know if he has the network marked as public, but he disables the firewall every time we play. Anyway I don’t think that’s the problem, it has to be mine, because I have a windows partition in which I can play without any problem with him and I have also tried two linux machines and I have the same problem.

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