Problems in communication (asymmetric)

I have this situation:

  • linux PC with zerotier 1.8.7
  • Opnsense A with zerotier 1.8.5
  • Opnsense B with zerotier 1.8.5

PC → A no ping loss communication is perfect (I can browse A web gui via zerotier)
PC-> B 40% ping loss communication impossible (ping goes well for 30s then stops for 30s)
A → B perfect
PC-> B using A as router works perfectly

How is possible that only pc->b has a problem?
How can I debug/solve it?

Nevermind is ospf over Zerotier that makes Zerotier behave so badly.
I move in the ospf thread.

flapping between PC and B, is CPU high usage and flooding in ZT interface ?
use packet capture in ZT interface to see what source IP is talking, if it is your internal IP, not ZT IP, then you need to blacklist your internal subnet. also you need to stop ZT and delete all peers file, start ZT.
in packets captured, you can find some hints such as what cause the flapping, flooding, how ospf talks.
this is how I troubleshoot.

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