Random ports used on linux


i have some deployments on linux machines.

One of them can’t talk to other peer on port 9993. Since i open this port on my branch firewall, how can i force the app to use 9993 as destination port?



Does this help?

Thanks for the reply.

The scenario is:
ISP Router → Firewall → ZT-Appliance ONE SIDE
ISP → Firewall → ZT-Appliance OTHER SIDE

I only forwarded the UDP 9993.
In another two deployments with same scenario, the ZT Appliances talk together on 9993 UDP without problem.

Could be a zerotier version issue?

1.8.2 just came out if you want to try.

Here’s more info about routers Troubleshooting & FAQ | ZeroTier Documentation

Hi, we solved this problem exposing one zt appliance with public IP, restricting source IP address.
It seems that one appliance opened connection on random ports which the destination couldn’t handle

Is it possible to map the remote peer and the ports that the appliance must use?

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