Remove network from client side? Already removed from web console

Hi Everyone,

I am having an issue with some of my networks losing functionality. Notably I have computer that just won’t connect. When I select the network ID in the ZT menu (I’m using macOS) it has the check box next to it, but the network name goes away and there is no other sign of connectivity. The web console does not show it as connected and states the last time it connected was 22 days ago. I have removed the computer from the ZT network via the web console, but the client, on the Mac, still shows the network ID.

Is there a way to remove the network ID from the menu? I’d like to re-add the computer to this ZT network, but it doesn’t work, so I’m thinking the network ID needs to be removed first.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks in advance!

Okay, I was able to find the “Delete Network” option under the ZT menu > Network Details…

Unfortunately this didn’t solve my issue. When attempting to add the original computer in question to the network, it puts the network ID back in the menu, but the ZT web console does not show the computer for me to grant access.

Also, when I go back to the ZT menu > Network Details… I see “ACCESS_DENIED” for that network.


I figured it out. I had to manually add the client ID for the computer via the ZT web console.

Ran this command to find the client ID: zerotier-cli info

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