Restart Windows 11 VM's when changing network

Sorry I have a very strange experience with Zerotier at the moment. Just a short explanation, I have a Proxmox server running with 5 windows 11 VMs. Everything completely up-to-date with the latest zero-tier software. I have a network at my office and 1 network at home.

When I work in the office during the day with a Raspberry Pi 400 as a Thin Client. Everything works great. The Pi’s network is 192.168.178.*. this is the same network where the Proxmox server is located.

Now I go home and open my Laptop, see if Zerotier is running and start up Remote Desktop from Microsoft. But can’t connect no matter what I try.

Then I go to the server Proxmox via the browser, type in my external IP address and restart the windows 11 VMs, have to log in with my password. Go back to RDP and just use my windows VM (which is physically in the office)

But this is quite annoying because my colleagues also have to work on it and they can’t restart the VMs.

There is currently no firewall installed, and no NAT so no double NAT either. It’s like the network is sleeping or something and doesn’t understand that I’m suddenly on another network. Zerotier’s home network is 10.147.20.*

After the restart everything works perfectly, however if I haven’t worked for a few hours and want to reconnect then I have to restart the VMs again, but then it works perfectly. I’ve been working on this for a week now and etching everything out, but can’t get it to work.

Is there anyone who has the same problem, when I look at everything is ON, so ONLINE. If I do ipconfig then I have 2 networks both give the correct network IP’s. And it also works if I just reboot. Could this be the modem router? Where is the best place to search? I hope someone can help me, thanks in advance.

Does anybody have any idea? All the help is very thankful

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