RIPv2 over ZeroTier

I have some OPNsense routers connected via ZT. I’m currently using the managed routing within ZT central to manage routes to each router, however it would be nice to utilize some dynamic routing if possible. I have gotten the routers to work and pass RIPv2 via cable between them and the same PF rules, but the multicast RIPv2 packets don’t seem to making it when ZT is used. I have tried allowing bridging and opened up the controller rules to allow all packets to no avail. I imagine it is some way that ZT is dealing with multicast and I haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

To possibly answer some easy questions I am not using OSPF, etc. since I don’t need its feature set and complexity with my application since ZT itself will be handling much of what OSPF does for establishing inter-router links, etc… RIPv2 works just fine and is very simple to use. Thank you for your help.

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