Router red connection on private IP

Hi guys,

Zerotier sounds like a system that may be able to help me I am asking…

Our router’s Internet side has a private IP and is behind a few more routers/NAT devices. (Developing country setup…)

I would like to offer services such as files & RDP behind the router to staff members around the world.

Can zerotier work with this type of setup?

Thanks in advance for your comments!

Yes, Chances are high that this will work. Zerotier does its best to connect the Devices directly but that may fail in double or triple nat Szenarios. Still it should work because zerotier servers will relay the traffic in this case, but it might be a bit slower. Give it a try!

I am also having double nat in my Office, still I am lucky and all my Devices can connect directly without relay. Everything works super fast.