Running ZeroTier in ephemeral / CI environment

Hello, has anyone set up ZeroTier to run as part of an ephemeral environment? I would like to use ZeroTier VPN to connect CI servers with our cloud resources. To do this I would need to:

  1. Install ZT in the CI environment
  2. Create a new identity
  3. Automatically approve the identity to connect to our network
  4. Remove the identity after use

(We can’t hardcode an identity, because multiple CI runs might be executing executing at once.)

I’m interested in approaches anyone else has taken for any of these steps.

There are many options.
How about running ZeroTier on just the VM Host and not each individual container?

Since the CI environment is SaaS, that’s not an option :frowning_face:

Hopefully ZeroTier is able to connect out through their network…

You could:

  • Pass your API token into your CI config, and have it authorize itself and delete itself.
  • Use a public network, but then you can’t delete nodes. You could delete and make a new network periodically.
  • Use an Ad-Hoc Network

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