Service running, but not working

Hi everyone.
I have a W2012 R2 running with zerotierOne.
Service looks running, but it’s not working.
In Zerotier Central, it’s OFFLINE
I launch zerotier one cliente, and Node ID id unknown.
Then I try to stop the service. Gives me an error 1053. Windows can’t stop service. I has taken too much time, but after that, service has stopped.
Then I start service again with no problem.
Zerotier client still doesn’t show any network or node ID.
I quit zerotier client and restart it.
Now I have network.
Now, in zerotier central, it’s ONLINE.
But in about 5-10 minutes, sometimes a little bit more, again it looks OFFLINE in Zerotier central, and I cannot connect to it.
I’ve tried to uninstall and re-install, with several versions, from 1.2.1 to 1.6.5
Please, help

Windows Server 2012 is not supported.