Slow connection


I’m using zero tier to connect to a computer (a connection a former employer set up for me), but my zero tier connection is very slow. Internet is coming to my office via a wireless broadband (5G network) and is distributed wirelessly to my home via a router. The speed of my connection is 100 Mbps down and 50 up.

But when I took my computer to another place with fiber (also distributer wirelessly though a router) zero tier was MUCH faster! And the internet was only 20 Mbps down and 30 up.

I reckon this has something to do with my internet provider. Can you please advise my what to ask/tell them when I contact them? I’m very inexperienced in this, so I hope you can help me (hopefully, in simple terms).

I tried to change to another ISP (still wireless broadband), but with same results. The situation mention above (when Zerotier was fast), I used a fiber connection (distributed wirelessly through a router). So there seems to be a problem with the wireless broadband connection (4G/5G) and zerotier. Do you have any info on this? Does zerotier behave differently on a wireless broadband compared to fiber (regardsless of speed of the internet)?

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