Slow speed on router default

I have a following setup
(Location 1)
Set up with TPLINK router (This is the main ZT router) all the traffic is destined to.

(Location 2)
Another GL router with zero tier where allowDefault=1.
The idea is all the devices connected to GL router gets the traffic diverted to TPLink router. This is achieved and works perfectly.

My question is, I only get less than 4mbps speed when a device at Location 2 is connected to the GL router.
If the same device is connected via ZT app on my mobile device at Location 2 , then I get 30mbps. Are there any settings that can enhance the speed when a device is connected to the router?

Note: Internet speed at both the locations is around 30mbps without ZT. In my ZT account, I see that GL router doesn’t have physical IP. Is this causing the issue?

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