Speeding up ZeroTier

I have been using ZeroTier for a couple of weeks and so far I’m pretty impressed with what it can do.
I do however have an issue that I would like to try and fix.

I have a server at work that is running ZeroTier and a laptop that I use to connect to it. When I am using the laptop at work through wired network I can get iperf3 speeds at 800+ mbit/s, when I use the laptop from home wired directly to my fiber connection (1gig/1gig), I am getting a max. transfer speed in iperf3 of around 100 mbit/s. Connection at work is also (1gig/1gig).

Now, I am not expecting a 500+ mbit/s connection when connecting from home, as I know there is overhead connected with operating ZeroTier, but north of 200 mbit/sec would be nice.

Any ideas as to how I can improve my connection speed from home?

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