Tags - how to assign a tag to a device

hello and thanks,

from the documentation, i can create a tag.

i cannot figure out how to assign a computer to a tag?

# Create a tag for which department someone is in
tag department
  id 1000                 # arbitrary, but must be unique
  enum 100 sales          # has no meaning to filter, but used in UI to offer a selection
  enum 200 engineering
  enum 300 support
  enum 400 manufacturing

After you save the rules. There will be a new section below called Tags Matrix.

thanks, perhaps consider

  1. update Manual – ZeroTier to make reference to the tag matrix section.
  2. move the tag matrix directly below the rules, not all the way down below the The Basics


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now i noticed that if i expand the address, there is also a tag option.
so there are two ways to set a tag for an address.

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