Unable to access a host using host name resolved by local dns

I’ve just got my new iPad today, which runs iPad OS 14.4. I installed the latest zerotier, and then add a network with custom DNS on the app (not using Zerotier network settings as I can’t seem to get it work.). When I tried to use Safari to open web page running on my host, it does not load.

I then tried to test with an app called iNetTools. First I tried the DNS look up, and it returns correctly as below

Start DNS Lookup
Host: nas3.local

nas3.local. 0S IN A
nas3.local. 0S IN A

However when I tried to trace route, an error shows as invalid hostname or IP address.

This settings seems to work fine in Android, so it’s probably the iOS problem … but I don’t really know how to get it work.

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