Unable to connect after 1 min

Zerotier is running. The network firewall is Sonicwall. No AV on the system and Windows Firewall is off. after the server reboot or service restart we can ping for about a min before all communication stops and cannot reach it anymore. I have no idea what is blocking it as it works for about a min after the system reboot or I restart the Service.

It seems like there’s an IDS or other network traffic filtering system on your network that is misclassifying ZeroTier traffic and blocking it.

I honestly do not see any other traffic filtering system. I have similar setup on other networks but this is happening only on 1 particular network. No IDS on firewall. Enabled Consistent NAT.

That’s all I can think of from your description of the issue. The reason it works for a short time after restarting the service or rebooting is that ZeroTier uses two random ports along side port 9993. These 2 ports change after each reboot. So it works for a little bit on the new ports, and then something starts blocking the traffic.

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