Unable to connect via IOS

Greetings -

Using ZeroTier to remotely access security cameras via BlueIris software. BlueIris is on a Windows PC. Remote viewing Ipad and Iphone. Everything was working fine until today. Today BlueIris cannot connect across the SDWAN via either the Ipad or Iphone.

Recently updated Windows to 21H1, but the problem does not exist from Windows machine to Windows machine. Updated to ZeroTier version to 1.6.6 on all devises with no change. All devices show as connected in ZeroTier control panel. Tried removing IOS devise from ZeroTier and readding with no change. On IOS devices (Iphone and Ipad) I have uninstalled and reinstalled apps with no change. Cannot ping across SDWAN from Ipad. I can ping across SDWAN via Windows machines. IOS version is 15.0 on both IOS machines.

Any suggestions?

Disregard the above. Issue was with other software. Thanks

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