Unknown network addresses in peers list - not PLANET, not ZT internal

When I do a zerotier-cli peers there are some network addresses I don’t recognize.

Most of the extra entries are PLANETs so I ignore those as part of network infrastructure.

I do notice one LEAF which is showing version 1.8.5 - higher than what is publically available, so I suppose internal ZeroTier system (but does it ever participate in network? should it be on the list?).

However, there is one final one where there is a LEAF entry with a network ID that isn’t any of the the above nor in the list of authorized networks of my private network. Any idea what that is about?

It’s probably the network controller. But please note that just because a node ID is listed in your zerotier-cli peers output does not mean it’s a member of any network you’re on. Peers are just other nodes that your instance of ZeroTier knows about. See here for more information.

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