Update to Latest Verion

So I installed Zerotier On a Router (Debian) and it’s currently on v1.4.6
How can I update to the latest verion? Will I need to setup the network again?

I tried Apt Update and apt upgrade but it did not change.

You can download and install latest deb package?
Zerotier is rather simple to install if there is package prepared.

Bigger problem is with devices that has no recent versions issued - like NAS devices for example.
QNAP stuck on version 1.2 and Synology on version 1.4 … this is a bit shame, so many changes since these versions.

apt install zerotier-one after apt update

Thanks i’ll give that i try as well.
I upgraded my router’s firmware and it completely deleted Zerotier :frowning:
Had to reinstall. I’ll try your method on another router and post the outcome.

Thank You