User account compromised? Can't login, can't get password reset email

I have a zerotier account that I have been using for some work devices since Nov 2019.
(this account I am posting from is the one I use for personal devices).

I can’t seem to login to my (work related) account. It throws invalid username password. When I use the forgotten password option, the email seems to not arrive. I can only conclude that the account has been compromised and whomever it was has changed the email address on the account.

I am 100% sure that I am entering the correct email and password on the account as I use a password manager.

If someone can assist me, please let me know, I will dm you my email address.

Many Thanks in advance.

@zt-grant @zt-travis

Can you please help me out here. I am in quite a big trouble.
We had more than 30 devices and I am worried about the threat it posses.
Infact with the recent limitation to 25 devices we were planning to upgrade to paid tier.

If I can’t get hold of my account, we will have to manually access each device, delete the old networks and add the new networks one by one which is going to be very tricky.

Really appreciate you kind assistance here.

Sorry you’re experiencing that. You can DM me the account email address. There usually isn’t much we can do in these cases due to security concerns.

Thanks @zt-travis , it’s probably going to look like I am an idiot, but i can’t seem to find a way to send you a DM. Can you please send me a DM and i will reply to that? Very sorry about the inconvenience.

We got it sorted out. :+1:

@zt-travis , Many many many thanks for the help. Really appreciate it.

What was the issue out of curiosity?

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